Dima Dupéré - Therapist, Social Worker, Facilitator

Training / Courses                 

Two-day training in therapeutic writing for professionals

When:  TBD

You will learn:
- the benefits of writing,
- how to integrate therapeutic writing in your clinical approach - with groups or individuals
- Letting the MOSS guide you (an ecosystemic approach)
- Specific writing exercises and how to choose them
- Tricks, ideas, and practical information.

Some parts are experiential - come prepared to participate.


- E-book (manual) and certificate of participation 

Target group: Social workers, psychologists, community leaders, youth workers.  
One or two day training See poster.

Maximum 15 participants.

Online training 

For professionals unable to attend a local training, I offer individual training online, by video.  If you are curious I offer a free 15 min. Video consultation to help you figure out if this is the right training for you.

The training consists of 5 individualized sessions with me where we can assess your needs, explore the benefits of writing, and develop exercises geared to your clientele.

I will share with you an ecosystemic approach to journal writing that I developed called MOSS, valuable in helping clients be more aware of the influences in their lives.

For more information or to register, please contact me 1-613-899-2734.

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