Dima Dupéré - Therapist, Social Worker, Facilitator

Self-help Resources

Here are a few resources to help you along with day to day life. They consist of basic information and do not replace therapy or medical care.

If your situation is an emergency, please present yourself to the Emergency room at the hospital or please call a crisis line:

Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention - Help lines across the country.

Trans Lifeline (numbers for US and Canada).

In the Ottawa area, you can also access free Walk-in Counselling.  Visit the website for details.  www.walkincounselling.com 


Anxiety BC offers many resources

 Home site for information, strategies, etc.

Breathing exercises including audios to guide you.

Cognitive Behavioral Model - look how your thoughts, emotions and behaviours interact.  CBT worksheets and info.

Relaxation Techniques  click the link for a variety of relaxation techniques and other information to help you with anxiety, stress or distorted thinking.  

The Self-Care Depression Program is based on the experience of the authors and on scientific research about which strategies work best in managing depression. 

It is intended for:
■ individuals with depressed mood
■ concerned partners, family members or friends who want to help a depressed individual 

Funding for this book was provided through grants from the Ministry of Health, and BC Mental Health and Addiction Services, An Agency of the Provincial Health Services Authority, Province of British Columbia, Canada.   ©Vancouver, Canada 

Meditation App - Insight Timer. 
This free app is absolutely amazing!  Over 4000 meditations which vary in length from 2 minutes to over an hour.  English, French and other languages.  Some are guided and others are only music.

You can find meditations to help you with anxiety, self-confidence, sleep, relaxation, making changes in your life.

You need to create an account -once subscribed, there is no additional cost and you have a wealth of support at your fingertips.  You can use it via your computer or Android or IOS device.

One of my favourites is 'Five minutes of self-compassion'.

How body language shapes who you are - TedTalk Amy Cuddy on Power Poses.

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