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A colouring book and journal for individuals who work in helping professions. Will be of interest to psychotherapists, counsellors, social workers, nurses, personal caretakers. Take some time for yourself, relax, and focus on self-care.

Available in Ottawa - from me or at Prospero Books and Octopus Books.

Worldwide: You can also order through me ($15 CND+ HST + shipping).  Orders of 10 or more:  $12 + tax + free shipping. (Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing and delivery)

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L'équilibre au coeur d'un travail exigeant- un livre à colorier et journal pour aidants.  (FRENCH VERSION of the colouring book)  You can order it directly from me. ($15 + HST $0.75 + shipping).

A manual for helping professionals, this step by step guide presents an overview of the research on the benefits of writing, offers practical advice for working with groups and individuals, describes how to set up a therapeutic writing group, and provides specific writing exercises and therapeutic tools. It encourages the facilitator to be in touch with his/her own process along the way by providing reflective questions. Includes examples of writing by clients. Filled with colourful graphics and larger print, this ebook is not only informative, but a pleasure to read.

The larger print permits you to easily read it on your i-phone and have with you as a resource. The PDF format also allows for the printing of writing exercises for use with clients.

"I'm excited that my friend Dima is launching this new e-book on therapeutic writing as I have been the beneficiary of several of her writing exercises at various retreats we have co-led, or in small groups we have both been part of.  I think this work is very powerful and helpful for self-care and personal and spiritual growth. I've done it for myself often in times of stress and transition, or stuckness and know it provides the space to allow my deepest process, my sacred Self to teach me and offer me the wisdom I need."  
Rev. Sharon Moon, Ottawa, ON.

"One of JournalTalk's upcoming guest experts just released a new version of her book, Feeling, Writing, Empowering. After reading through it, I must say it is very comprehensive and includes some excellent example exercises. Bravo, Dima!"
Nathan Ohren, California, Host JournalTalk podcast.

"This manual, "Feeling, Writing, Empowering" accomplishes what it is intended to do - and more. I participated in a workshop on Therapeutic Writing facilitated by the author and we utilized this manual. It contains all of the information you need to begin (or continue) your writing experience, and helps you write creatively. I was going through a life transition at the time of the workshop and this manual helped me write therapeutically about my reality. I would highly recommend this manual either to a beginner or to a person who continues to keep a journal. This manual will empower you to keep writing."
Dr. Janet Fitzpatrick, RSW , St. John's, NL (about 1st edition, 2013)

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