Dima Dupéré - Therapist, Social Worker, Facilitator


Two-day training in therapeutic writing for professionals

When:  Tentative date - February 2018
Where:  Ottawa

Designed as a one or two-day training, this professional development opportunity is geared towards helping professionals: social workers, counsellors, mental health nurses, psychologists, chaplains, group facilitators, and youth or addiction workers.

Training includes background theory and research, basic writing exercises, practice guidelines, and planning sessions for groups or individuals.  Using case studies, you will learn how to select writing exercises based on client needs.  The training will have no more than 15 participants, thus enhancing the opportunity for discussion and shared learning.  

You will learn:
- the benefits of writing,
- how to integrate therapeutic writing in your clinical approach - with groups or individuals
- Letting the MOSS guide you (an ecosystemic approach)
- Specific writing exercises and how to choose them
- Tricks, ideas, and practical information.

Some parts are experiential - come prepared to participate.


- E-book (manual) and certificate of participation 

Target group: Social workers, psychologists, community leaders, youth workers.  
One or two day training See poster.

Maximum 15 participants.

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