Dima Dupéré - Therapist, Social Worker, Facilitator

Welcome to my site.

The biggest gift in my career is seeing people find hope and start smiling again. I summarize what I do as helping individuals navigate life's difficulties. I offer practical strategies to help individuals regain some control over their situation. I use simple language and examples to help demystify anxiety, grief, or emotional reactions due to trauma.

My approach is centred on the person in front of me. I listen carefully; I use cognitive behavioural therapy, relaxation and breathing exercises, writing exercices and other creative approaches as well as ego-state and narrative therapy. 

I also offer workshops and monthly consultation for professionals in the use of therapeutic writing.

All my services are offered in English and French.


As of November 1, I will only be working out of 440 Laurier Avenue West.  I will still work 5 days / week but only in 1 location.

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Finding Balance in the Midst of Challenging Work
A colouring book for helping professionals (or caretakers) - counsellors, therapists, youth workers, etc. Colour / journal... focus on your self-care. Take time for you.Available at : www.lulu.com...
Finding Balance in the Midst of Challenging Work.  A Colouring Book and Journal for Helpers.  I have just created a colouring book for  'helpers' (therapists, counsellors, nurses, personal caregivers...) or anyone who wants to focus on self-care.  Available via Amazon, Barnes and Noble and lulu.com. 
If in Ottawa, you can get a copy from me, from Prospero Books or Octopus Books.

I am working on a section where you can find resources to help you with anxiety, mindfulness, relaxation, CBT work pages, Writing exercises.  It is a work in progress - keep visiting.

My practice has expanded to now include the Employee Assistance Program of Health Canada, along with my private practice.  Since I am now working in two offices, make sure you confirm the correct address when you make your appointment.

Coming in October --- Monthly Consultation 
for Counsellors/Psychotherapists on the use of therapeutic writing with clients.   Each monthly session will include a case presentation, writing exercises and an opportunity to discuss and network.  More information.

Mes services sont également offerts en français. N'hésitez pas de communiquer avec moi.

The Peanut Gallery

I started drawing some cartoons about a year ago - to comment on experiences of 'bad therapy'. Sometimes life gives us material.  These drawings will be highlighted a few times in the Trauma and Mental Health Report.


Listen to my interview  with Nathan Ohren on the Journal Talk podcast.  Journal-Writing in the MOSS.



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