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I am working on a section where you can find resources to help you with anxiety, mindfulness, relaxation, CBT work pages, Writing exercises.  It is a work in progress - keep visiting.

My practice has expanded to now include the Employee Assistance Program of Health Canada, along with my private practice.  Since I am now working in two offices, make sure you confirm the correct address when you make your appointment.

Coming in September --- Monthly Consultation for Counsellors/Psychotherapists on the use of therapeutic writing with clients.  September session will be a half-day workshop on the basics of therapeutic writing.  Each monthly session will include a case presentation, writing exercises and an opportunity to discuss and network.  More information.

Mes services sont également offerts en français. N'hésitez pas de communiquer avec moi.

- My new profile on TherapyTribe: 

The Peanut Gallery

I started drawing some cartoons about a year ago - to comment on experiences of 'bad therapy'. Sometimes life gives us material.  These drawings will be highlighted a few times in the Trauma and Mental Health Report.


Listen to my interview  with Nathan Ohren on the Journal Talk podcast.  Journal-Writing in the MOSS.



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